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Mission Blue x Kimoa

Mission Blue inspires action to explore and protect the ocean. Led by legendary oceanographer Dr. Sylvia Earle, Mission Blue is uniting a global coalition to inspire an upwelling of public awareness, access and support for a worldwide network of marine protected areas – Hope Spots.
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Urban Streetwear and Skate Wear Online Kimoa

In KIMOA we have a wide selection of garments and accessories in Urban Streetwear and Skate Wear, some of them with an original Surf Style, which will give your look a casual, informal and comfortable touch. A unique selection of urban trends, skate and surf clothing are waiting for you in our catalog. In Kimoa we support and identify with the most urban trends, so we bet on a Urban StreetWear style with shirts, t-shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts...

Range of Urban, Casual, Skate and Surf Clothing with Accessories

We want you to feel comfortable with a style of urban clothing that suits your needs and your personality. For this we offer a range of skate and surf wear very original with spectacular color combinations, in all our categories such as sweatshirts, skate t-shirts, swimsuits... Visit our casual urban fashion section for men and women and for the youngest ones, as well as our accessories: caps, sunglasses, backpacks... Go skating or meet your friends and family with an elegant touch but without losing your bold and carefree style, with this combination of comfortable and high quality garments.

Urban and Casual Fashion for all Styles

Discover the complete catalog of Urban Tendency of KIMOA for lovers of comfortable, modern Skate clothing...
We have a huge variety of models with original and artistic prints or mono-color that adapt to each style, according to what you like more or with what you feel most identified. Achieve the perfect and carefree look, and do not go unnoticed with our cool and daring outfits, a mix of different styles, both in color and in form, suitable for any day of the week.

Casual Fashion, Skate and Urban Clothing

Casual clothing represents an informal style that is very widespread since it adapts in most contexts where a specific style of clothing is not necessary. Speaking of casual clothing is talking about a style that has become a trend in fashion in recent years, by the fact that it also allows us to look comfortable, reflect the personality and be able to dress appropriately to go to work as in our free time. This style began to triumph among the younger women and now triumphs among men of all ages. If you want to show off this style, we have some basic recommendations for you:
 · Among your basic clothes should be jeans, basic T-shirts, shirts, flat shoes, short dresses
 · The colors must be varied, showing endless combinations
 · This look is identified with 4 key pillars: simplicity, naturalness, comfort and elegance
 · Converse type shoes or marked urban style are also essential in your wardrobe
 · It is necessary to bet frequently by the use of complements and accessories of all kinds
 · The maxim to fulfill this look is one: you have to be yourself and transmit your personality through clothing

A sports pants or a jeans, a t-shirt of a rock or your favorite character and sweatshirt garments that are part of casual clothing or the Urban and Streetwear Style. Men today care about their image as much as their comfort. They are looking for new adventures and are always ready to face the new challenges that life puts before them. At Kimoa we design t-shirts for men who know what they want, who enjoy adventure and want to live intense emotions. We want that, every time you wear a kimoa shirt, you feel ready to conquer the world, free to choose what you like best and without fear of expressing your identity. Our t-shirts for men are unique and different and are made with sustainable materials of the best quality. Kimoa is more than ever aware of how important it is to care for the environment.

Organic Cotton and Organic Clothing

Many of our garments are made with Organic Cotton, so they are Ecological Garments, since we bet for the sustainability and the care of the Ecosystem. Now you can wear your most urban and current look, in line with a sustainable fashion.and sustainable clothing

Our most personal Fashion Style Kimoa

KIMOA was inspired by the Californian lifestyle and cities that look out to sea. The #neversurrender attitude shapes the design of all our products, creating collections for urban, traveling, authentic people, who never give up and who value relaxed environments such as surfing and skateboarding. We have the best of brand ambassadors, Fernando Alonso, who represents our values better than anyone: daring to discover and experiment, dream, not give up, be authentic and achieve unattainable a priori objectives.

Clothing manufactured in Spain and Portugal

Our textile products are manufactured in Spain and Portugal, in addition to garments whose fibers come from organic cotton, cultivated in land free of toxic substances and ensuring decent working conditions for the personnel who carry out these crops. Delve into the KIMOA lifestyle and discover our collection of shirts, surfer t-shirts, skate hoodies, surf swimsuits, sweaters, cardigans, skirts, dresses, jackets, caps, socks, covers, key chains, watches, towels, bottles, sunglasses, skates, surfboards and much more.

Sustainable and ecological fashion

In Kimoa we are firmly committed to a sustainable and ecological fashion that helps us preserve the planet, without losing the quality of our garments. Therefore, our entire lifestyle collection is made with organic and recycled materials in two types of composition:
Recover Earth
Garments made with a new thread resulting from the natural mixture of recycled cotton recover and virgin organic cotton for comfort and durability.
Recover Blue
Garments made with a mixed yarn of recycled cotton recover and polyester from the recycling of post-consumer PET bottles. These threads are prepared to ensure comfort and can be applied to all types of garments.