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Discover Irons Café Racer, the new store in Madrid where you can find the Kimoa collections.

We met the Irons Café Racer team in our last photoshoot for the Kimoa Racing Clothing collection thanks to the use of one of their fantastic vintage aesthetic motorbikes and helmets. Since then we have maintained the bond because it is one of the leading places in fashion of this style in Madrid and because from now on you will be able to find a selection of Kimoa products in its space located on Calle Gral. Álvarez de Castro, 23 (Madrid).

What is Irons Cafe Racer?

We are a fashion and accessories boutique that with passion and enthusiasm can say we have become a meeting point in Madrid for all those who like classic "cafe racer" or retro motorcycles.

-What year was it founded?

We started in 2017 in a small place with great enthusiasm, creating a hybrid between technical clothing for motorcycle riding and casual fashion, where you can find your biker look, and for a few weeks, with Kimoa accessories.

-What was the motivation to start a business of these characteristics?

Basically, the need. As users of classic motorcycles, we realized that there was no store in Madrid with technical clothing for our style. We always had to buy outside of Spain, where a market with well-defined brands had already established itself.

-How were the beginnings?

From the beginning our goal was to create community. We knew that there were more people like us in Madrid and that by making ourselves known we could have a good market niche. The motorcycle unites a lot and we, being small, are very close, we used all our effort to give the multi-brand store a second chance (in danger of extinction ...) and we let the classic mouth to mouth do its job.

-What relevant things have happened throughout these years in the company?

There are things that have marked us, such as holding an event, a party, a presentation under the concept of "The Motorcycle of the Month" on the last Thursday of each month. Thanks to this, there was a before and after at IRONS. It gave us a lot to know and we made every Thursdays an essential appointment in the calendar for our fans, that could enjoy a different motorcycle customized by a professional.

Another relevant action for us was participating in classic motorcycle acceleration races. We travelled to Biarritz with friends and got third place at the Wheels and Waves festival, which is one of the most important concentrations in the world.

-Why isn't Irons Cafe Racer a regular motorcycle shop?

We never wanted to be one more, we like to differentiate ourselves, we have custom bikes, but above all the goal was to create community. We do not think about ourselves but about the group, it is true that we sell clothes and we make a living from that, but to reach our client the first thing we had was to earn their trust so we made the decision to sell a lifestyle.

-Are you specialized in any type of product?

We sell technical pants very well. In Spain there is not so much culture of riding a motorcycle with jeans with protections, so we have worked on this advantage. In fashion, t-shirts, caps, and sweatshirts are our hallmark.

-How are the fans / partners / friends of Irons Cafe Racer?

Very close, we are more and more, and it is that the world of motorcycles in general always lends itself to socializing.

Well, you know, if you are passionate about the retro motorcycle universe, @ironscaferacer is waiting for you to give you the best attention and the best service.

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