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Kimoa’s commitment with sustainability, in all senses, has been increasing constantly with each new collection that has been launched.


We have been working on this issue by means of a laborious transformation work, carried out step by step during these two last years, giving great importance to the design stage as well as to the selection of raw materials. We have also focused on the different packaging and on the different projects the brand works with. The last of them the MISSION BLUE x Kimoa solidarity collection for the proteccion of the oceans.

Oceans and sea life are at serious risk. Industrial fishing, the indiscriminate use of plastics, together with the micro-plastics that are present in domestic products of dairy use are destroying and polluting the water with waste that wreak havoc on sea life, causing the disappearance of fish, algae and the progressive death of the main coral reefs of the world.

Due to this fact, Kimoa is joining Mission Blue, becoming an official partner of this association headed by the legendary oceanographer Dr. Sylvia Earle, who has been awarded with the Princess of Asturias Concord Award. Thus, we are joining her in her fight for the protection of the oceans, and we are launching the Kimoa’s Mission Blue Collection, too.


Kimoa’s Mission Blue Collection has been designed to offer the comfort and the style you are looking for, while encouraging a responsible consumption. Our slogan, “ethic + aesthetic”, advocates for this, because sustainability is not incompatible with design.

The work that Mission Blue carries out in the 500 hope spots, a network of marine protected areas spread around the globe, inspired this collection. The blue and the green are its protagonist colours, under a colour block design that evocates the tonalities the sea presents from the shore towards the horizon.

A sustainable and ethic fashion collection

The capsule collection is composed of a sweatshirt, a T-shirt and two unisex caps. All the fabrics were made with Recover Blue thread (50% recycled cotton, 47% rPET and 3% other fibres).

As a matter of fact, each sweatshirt equals to reusing 26.3 plastic bottles of 0.6 litres, reducing, therefore, in 15.5 kg the CO2 emissions and saving the 10 litres of water that would have been used for its manufacturing.

Regarding to the T-shirts, each one of them is made of 16.1 plastic bottles of 0.6 litres- Therefore, producing them this way we are reducing in 9.5 kg the CO2 emissions and saving 6.2 litres of water.

Of course, being this a supportive collection, all the profits from the sales will be allocated to this organization, to protect the oceans, together with all the money raised from the auction of surfboards transformed into pieces of art by the artists Okuda, Domingo Zapata and Edgar Plans.

Join the supportive and sustainable fashion by Kimoa.


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