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Passion in what she does, breaking the monotony, learning and having fun define this triathlete.

Myriam Grassi at 26 years old and living in Versilia (Italy) started swimming at the age of 7. At 11 she decided that one sport alone was not enough, and she also took to the track practicing athletics. At age 14, she added an extra discipline: cycling.

And this is how she began to do triathlon, the sport in which she has been trained and that accompanies her to this day.

At the moment she practices it at an amateur level, since between work and study finding the time and strength to do two workouts a day is really difficult although in her social media profile, @myriamgrassi_tri, is possible to feel the passion he feels for it.

The beauty, in her own words, of the sport she practices is the variety between three disciplines, perfect for a person who tires of monotony. Another positive aspect is the outdoor practice (apart from swimming in the indoor pool in winter) and, of course, the training partners willing to share the effort.

Among her milestones are the results obtained that were worth it for several calls in the Italian National Team, a bronze medal in the relay category at European level and other calls to international competitions. She has also been the Italian champion in her category, both in triathlon and duathlon.

Between her daily habits, she never loses hours of sleep since the workouts are intense and there is a need for recovery. It is important to recover well, especially after training, as well as having fun is also part of their philosophy.

When it comes to dressing, for cycling and running, she likes to have clothes that are quite visible in terms of colors since cycling especially can be a bit dangerous when practiced on roads with a lot of traffic. In winter, opts for clothes that keep her warm but not too warm. And above all, garments that are comfortable and save space. In her outfits there is no lack of the Kimoa LAB02 glasses that she uses for her bicycle routes, which she defines as spatial, both because of their weight, ultralight of only 22gr, and because they protect the eye from dust in case of wind and from the various reflections that sometimes they are created on the way by the sun.

Finally, a word and value that defines her, without a doubt, is PASSION, which has pushed her over the years to continue training and which is now also her job. A passion that he hopes to transmit to the people she trains.

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