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The Discoverer: TENERIFE by Mauro Darias

by Kimoa 11 Jun 2021

The Discoverer: TENERIFE by Mauro Darias

We travelled to the island of Tenerife with the help of Braver Mauro Darias.

We introduce you to @MauroDarias, 50% Venezuelan / 50% Spanish, a member of the Kimoa Bravers family and passionate about creating lifestyle content. Through his camera he captures every moment, be it a landscape or a portrait, with which he tells the story of each trip and journey to the place he visits.

He confesses that his great passion is traveling and discovering unusual corners, avoiding very touristy or crowded places in order to show unique locations that make the viewer wonder how he got there and generate the desire to know them.

And it is precisely to the island of Tenerife (Canary Islands), where he leads us through his recommendations and fabulous photos.

Proposed location: Tenerife

Location: Canary Islands

How to get there: Preferably by plane because it is the fastest, I think you can get there by ferry, but I have never gone that way.

What to do: Despite being a not very big island, there are many things to do and see in Tenerife from being on the beach sunbathing to watching the snow on the tip of Teide.

The first thing I would recommend doing is getting to know the northern “charcos”, they are like natural pools formed by volcanic stones and the impact of the sea. Visiting Mount Teide is a must on the island. It is a place full of magic and a strange landscape that will make you feel that you are on Mars or on the moon.

Where to sleep: The most recommended is an Airbnb, prices are usually very low and those who receive you are incredible people. I assure you that they will make you feel at home. The canary is a very humble person and with a sense of divine hospitality for those who come new to visit the island.

Where to eat: As a good coffee enthusiast, I always recommend the most typical places on the island where you can order a “leche y leche” coffee. I would tell you what it is about, but you better go and try it ... hahahaha. And when it comes to food, on an island like this we cannot stop visiting its “guachinches”. Homemade places that were previously warehouses where they used to sell wine and offer something to accompany it.

I also recommend the El Sausal area with many places to eat with views of the sea from some movie cliffs.

Tips: With Tenerife my advice will always be the same: Enjoy its nature, beaches, puddles, mountains, and long walks with incredible views. I am not to spend on very expensive plans, I like simplicity and visit places where there are not many people and in Tenerife there are many plans to enjoy with very little money and enjoy impressive landscapes.

What cannot be missing in your suitcase: My cameras, a cap and sunglasses.

Souvenirs / shopping: I always try to take with me coffees made in that city or country.

Impressions about the place: INCREDIBLE and multifaceted island.

What do you like the most about Kimoa: The style of its products but even more its philosophy as brand.

Your favourite piece from Kimoa: I love caps but without a doubt sweatshirts are my favourites and I love the STRIPED LOGO WHITE.

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