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by Kimoa 12 Mar 2019


We travel to our different suppliers to see how some of our products are manufactured ... Do you come on tour?

Proud to have been born between several flights around the world, we have always looked for our products to carry the Made in Europe seal thanks to controlled manufacturing processes and directed by our design and production team, finding those manufacturers that best adapt to the Kimoa quality, design and philosophy standards.

Therefore, with the arrival of each new collection opens an infinite range of possibilities that this time has taken us to the most varied destinations, starting with Alicante and its traditional footwear factories for espadrilles that season after season, with the arrival of good weather, they cause furor.

Or, our next destination: Toledo, where we have found the most cutting-edge factories making knit. We like that our jackets and sweaters have that touch and finishes that make you fall in love with them and want to wear them every day of the year and, without a doubt, we have achieved it there.

Close to our headquarters, in Madrid, where the design of all our caps is done, keychains are also manufactured thanks to the 3D printing technique that allows us to produce pieces in which color and volumes are the main protagonists .

From there we go to Barcelona where our guys are at the front of the skates section, which as they define themselves their "boards are made by and for riders testing each of their products" and we like that, because the quality and the passion for this sport is reflected in each of our products.

And, now, we took the first flight to Berlin, where the wallets that our customers liked so much and that are becoming the best gift are made.

Finally, destination Portugal to the Barcelos area where they make all our shirts and hoodies. By the way, the current collection is 100% made with organic cotton, which is why it has such a nice touch, although we are already working with new possibilities for future collections in which sustainability will still have a greater presence.

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