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by Kimoa 16 May 2022


Kimoa LAB02 takes to the stage with K!NGDOM.

Ane, Gomis, and Iván, members of the band K!NGDOM. Who are from the networks that accompanied us during quarantine with their live shows and videos for Kimoa Acoustik. They are returning to the stage to present their new EP released on April 1st, 2022 ¨Quiero meterme en tu cama¨, as well as their classic songs, ¨Valeria¨ from Netflix and ¨My Voice¨ for the program La Voz.

During the band’s tour, a renewed look, a powerful staging, and thanks to the projection of elaborate videos and costume changes. We have been able to enjoy a new vision of the Kimoa LAB02 glasses as part of the show and the outfits of the members of the band.

The group, founded in 2019, will continue to make us enjoy its rhythm and atmosphere with its style of electronic pop music and "good vibes" during the upcoming dates.

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