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by Kimoa 05 Apr 2019


We present Rubén Correa (@planeta_correa), one of our first Kimoa Bravers. Know him!

Born in Barcelona, ​​trained as an engineer and passionate about outdoor activities with a certain degree of adventure.


I was born in Barcelona and raised in the Bonanova neighborhood. Since I was little I liked challenges and engineering. I always looked for ways to learn facing the unknown. When I was 20 years old, halfway through my university studies in roads engineering in Barcelona, ​​I decided to face the challenge of going to live abroad and enter the emblematic Ecole Des Ponts et Chaussées in Paris and that's how it was. I went to live there without hardly speaking French and ended up graduating as a civil engineer in France and Spain. Since then my international adventure has not stopped. In addition to France I have lived in Germany, Poland, England and Panama, where I currently reside as I am leading the construction of the railroad of the Panama Metro.


I like to lead an active life and in general everything that generates positive emotions. Without being an expert in any sport, I practice mainly cycling, stand-up paddle, ski and surf because they connect me with nature. I also like karting because of the adrenaline and the great challenge of riding the maximum and winning. Since I was little I have felt a special fondness for motorsport, for how it combines engineering with teamwork and the adrenaline of competition. I really like to go to great races to infect me with that spirit of overcoming that the teams and the drivers transmit to me, especially the attitude and the driving of Fernando Alonso. Also, whenever I can I travel to other countries to explore new places, make adventures and understand other cultures.


I am inspired by positive attitudes, moments with good friends, exploring new places, the connection with nature and the great challenges that allow me to learn, improve and face situations that I do not know completely. That feeling of being in front of the unknown helps me to get the best out of me and that is what I try to transmit through social networks: my experiences, the places that I am traveling around the world and my reflections on what I am going learning, with enthusiasm and with the hope that they will be profitable for other people.

Professionally, it inspires me to work for great challenges that contribute to the improvement of our planet, providing solutions to the needs of the population.


Kimoa is a brand that has fascinated me since the moment it emerged. Not only for the quality of the products and their designs that adapt perfectly to my lifestyle, but also because it allows me to wear some values ​​that I share, led by the #NeverSurrender spirit. I also value the fact that Kimoa has a social responsibility policy, using organic cotton that is not harmful to people or the environment and eco-friendly inks, since through Kimoa I contribute to create a better world.

My favorite items are the "Kimoa surf Camp" shirt and the "too much Kimoa" hat. In general I wear Kimoa shirts, caps and sweatshirts in relaxed environments, on the beach, when I go out with friends or when I explore new places.

I met Kimoa for a sticker. When I found out that Fernando Alonso was going to the Indy500 in 2017, it was so much the inspiration and the illusion that woke up in me that I decided to do everything possible to attend that great event. While there, I saw a sticker of Kimoa stuck in one of the motorhome trucks of the paddock (I would like to know who stuck that there, because in that area fans can not enter and was stuck in the back of a caravan so that it could be seen from afar , with intention). I was struck by the name and pastel green. I went to the website, I liked several of the products that I saw and I decided to buy my first shirt (that of the surfboards). When I received it in my house, I remember that I was enthusiastic about touch. That's where everything started ...


Being part of the Bravers Kimoa family has allowed me to get in touch with people who share my values ​​and my way of being that I would not have known otherwise. The Bravers community is fun, I keep in touch with several members and we are organizing upcoming challenges together while being the image of the Kimoa brand in social media. Also, being part of the Bravers community allowed me to meet the great team of people who lead Kimoa and it was a dream come true for me to meet Fernando Alonso, the brand's best ambassador and a great person for whom I have great respect and admiration since I was little, I have followed his career very closely and now he continues to inspire me daily with everything he does.


During the last decade my mission has been to travel the world leading civil engineering works that improve the lives of people and I have managed to fulfill it. For the last few months I have been orienting my professional future towards the sustainable development of the ocean economy, which is essential to tackle many of the general challenges that the planet will face in the coming decades. This new challenge confronts me with the unknown and will be accompanied by trips and new adventures to share. I also want to get a little closer to my passion for racing and I am looking for a team to compete in endurance series such as those organized by the Fernando Alonso Circuit in Oviedo or those races that are within my reach.

Do you want to be part of the Kimoa Bravers family? Sign up here.

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