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by Kimoa 27 Feb 2020


Do you want to get on board with us?

Nuria Dionis is one of the protagonists of our Fall-Winter 2019/20 campaign. You can follow her on social media by following @Mss.nix. And now she will share her personal agenda about Costa Rica, where she enjoys her passions: travelling, surfing and dancing.

Proposed place: Costa Rica

Location: Tamarindo

How to get there: Tamarindo has got a small airport that handles several flights from San José daily. The main air operators are Nature Air and Fly Sansa.

What to do: Surf, snorkelling y and trips to incredible beaches.

Where to sleep: Hostel La Botella de Leche

Where to eat: always in local venues where the cuisine is remarkable due to the fact of having very fresh products.

Tips: take with you your summer clothes, insect repellent and tablets for the stomach, because travelling to these places may entail certain risk when you eat local meals.

Must-have items in your baggage: bikinis, sunscreen, a pair of Kimoa’s sunglasses and sarongs. You don’t need much more things.

Souvenirs/shopping: sarongs, wood articles and liquors.

Impressions on the place: It’s wild and natural. You don’t feel like a tourist. What do you like the most about Kimoa: I love that it is a sustainable brand and also that it cares for the environment. Your favourite Kimoa item: the swimsuits.
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