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by Kimoa 17 Oct 2019


A more sustainable and responsible fashion thanks to Recover Technology.

Kimoa’s spirit towards a more sustainable and responsible fashion took us to launching the first 100% organic T-shirts collection, for the 2017-2018 autumn-winter collection.

After its great acceptance, we kept going forward with the organic cotton procedure for T-shirts and sweatshirts. And it was introduced, as well, bamboo fibre for T-shirts and dresses for the 2018 summer feminine collection.

Taking a step further in our path to produce a more ecologic fashion, the new products manufactured, which will be made using recycled spinning processes, will be launched this upcoming 2019 autumn-winter, and they will be produced using the Recover technology.

Hilaturas Ferre (cotton spinning plant)

With 70 years of history, the Ferre family started in 1914 with a textile mill, which worked with jute and some other low quality fibres. After a period of raw materials shortage, due to the two great European wars, in 1947 they started recycling textile waste to transform it into cotton thread, becoming in the pioneers in transforming waste into resources. In 2006, the Ferre family decided to give a name to its singular transformation system: RECOVER. Since then, the family of recycled spinning materials has increasingly grown and nowadays there are 6 references thanks to new materials such as the recycled PET.

Let’s discover their original raw materials, their mixtures and their qualities:

-R-UNO: it is the first family of recycled cotton threads, which is combined with another virgin fibre (polyester and acrylic).

-R-BLUE: it comes out of mixing recycled cotton and polyester, which comes from recycling used PET bottles, R-3, a soft and pure blend that consists of three components: recycled cotton, used PET bottles and Tencel®.

-R-EARTH: it is the outcome of blending upcycled cotton and virgin organic cotton.

-R-WOOL: it comes out from mixing recycled wool, used PET bottles and Nylon 6.6.

-R-JEANS: it is produced by doing and advanced upycling of denim clothes (used and not used) and organic cotton. -R-TECH: it joins polyester produced by recycling PET bottles and recycled cotton produced by the factory itself.

Kimoa has a strong commitment to an ethic and sustainable fashion

Thanks to our collaboration with Recover for the upcoming collections, from Kimoa we will able to offer our clients the costs of the environmental impact of said clothes thanks to the measuring systems and the comparison with the rest of the industry, backed up by the Higg MSI (Materials Sustainability Index) in order to take optimum initiatives regarding the usage of the different materials.

If we want to make better decisions we need to know more information about the clothes we wear. And we all are working on this issue. Welcome to the Kimoa’s sustainable fashion era.

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