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Technical and sports sunglasses LAB

Our new sunglasses, perfect for practicing all kinds of sports, are designed with a retro-futuristic silhouette, they are characterized by their ergonomic profile for a better adaptation to the face, providing extra comfort as well as the fact that they are made with the innovative TR90 material. which provides a lightness and flexibility to a model that is available in both fluorine yellow and black, both in a matte finish, and polarized glass in the form of a screen with details such as ventilation slots as well as openings at the ends of the temples for insert sports tape if you want extra support. Kimoa launches its first technical and sports sunglasses under the Kimoa LAB Sunglasses concept.

Technical sunglasses LAB_02

Kimoa LAB 02 is a new way to see the sport. Technical sunglasses developed with the help of many athletes to reach the highest standard for the best performance. Introducing our all-new range of sunglasses: six new frames created for all types of riding and race. Designed with an ultimate technology, developed specifically to ensures unmatched security, retention, and comfort for every athlete. Wear LAB 02 and see beyond the horizon.

Benefits LAB_02

LENS TECHNOLOGY, By heightening the level of contrast between areas of light and dark, Kimoa LAB 02 technology makes hazards in the road easier to see and easier to avoid. It is made from the purest grade polycarbonate, engineered by Kimoa to produce an optic with no haze and no distortion, even towards the outer edges.The technology also helps your eyes adapt to rapid changes of light, for example when entering a darker passage, allowing you to ride with confidence. ANTI FOGGING To prevent the build-up of moisture inside the lens from sweat or exhalation, all of our lenses are treated with an anti-fogging treatment to prevent the lens from misting. It usually occurs in cooler climates, when sweat vapour condenses on the cooler inner surface of the lens. A hydrophobic outer coating repels moisture, water, and mud.Even direct breathing on the lens fails to fog it, meaning that you are guaranteed a clear view during the toughest efforts and in any weather conditions. AIRFLOW & VENTILATION The lens outline is large with rounded corners on the sides. Aerodynamic shape is designed for a best flow of air through the lens. Working in conjunction, these vents prevent moisture build-up and fogging and help to keep you cool in hot conditions. WATER-REPELLENT HYDROPHOBIC COATING With moisture on the inside of the lens taken care of, only the outside can obscure your view. To mitigate the blurring effect of rainwater and road spray, we have treated our lenses with a highly effective hydrophobic coating which causes moisture to bead and roll off the surface of the lens.

Numerosos deportistas prueban nuestras gafas deportivas

The models that we have used, this time all athletes, for the Kimoa LAB Sunglasses launch campaign belong to the most diverse sports fields. From Fernando Alonso , pilot, who has put the goggles to the test in extreme driving environments during his preparation for the Dakar Rally, to the canoeist Pedro Vázquez who is currently working towards the next Tokyo 2020 Olympics, the amateur cyclist Rubén Martínez or the sports coach Marta Palomar , who practices running, body core, Suspension training as well as specific sports techniques for pregnancy and postpartum. Our sunglasses are designed for all kinds of sports : athletic, mechanical, mountain or aquatic, it only depends on you to go further in your challenges and sporting achievements.


You love to compete. Whether in a race, with teammates or against your own limits. That competitive essence has inspired our LAB 02 sunglasses. The most advanced racing model ever created by Kimoa. Made of experience, made to move.