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Kimoa Surf Skate Accessories

We have a special selection of surf and skate accessories, where you can find surfboards, skateboards, longboards, backpacks, caps… with a very surf-skate design and a spectacular color scheme.

Kimoa skateboards, great design and better quality

Skateboards, skates, skateboards or skates are the fundamental tool for skateboarding. They consist of a high quality wooden board with two axles screwed in the central part of the skateboard on which it has two wheels for each axis of the skateboard that is the part that friction against the ground and allows us to slide across the surface. On the top of the board is the skateboard sandpaper that gives us the grip on our skate shoes.

Kimoa Surfboards

Much of the things that matter in surfing are not in stores. The entertainment, the experiences, the people that you know enter the sea between the waves and the technique at the time of catching them are not for sale, just as neither is the many sensations that flood in the surfing world. But not everything on the subject of surfing has such a metaphysical point. And in the case of something as important and essential for surfers as the board is, the best thing you can do is to inform yourself well, know yourself well, and spend money in the most intelligent way possible. For this in Kimoa we have developed and designed for you a selection of surfboards, with a very special design, and high quality.

Kimoa Surfboards and Skateboards

From pros to novice surfers and skaters, our selection of surfboards, skates and longboards is perfect for all levels. It is never too late to go on an adventure and start something new. If you think you can, you can.