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Discover our collection of Kimoa t-shirts, hoodies, sweaters, and swimwear for guys.

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Skate T-shirts for Men Kimoa

In KIMOA we have a wide selection of Skate t-shirts, garments and accessories in Skate Fashion for men, with an original Surfer Style. Men's Skate Shirts define the style of the person wearing them. The vast majority are made of organic cotton, which makes them very comfortable and pleasant for the specific practice of different daily activities. We have a huge offer of Skate and Surfer shirts for all types of men, who want to dress comfortably, with an urban style, current and making their difference and personality. In Kimoa we support and identify with the most urban trends, so we bet on a StreetWear freestyle with t-shirts, shirts, sweaters, skate sweatshirts...

The casual style is the most used by men when choosing their look, since it is the most comfortable style and the simplest to combine.

Skate and surf t-shirt: comfortable urban fashion for every style

Skate T-Shirt

The shirt is one of the main elements that mark the style that defines you or with which you feel more related. If you are a lover of fashion and trends, or you are a pure skateboarder or you are reinventing yourself, buying a skater shirt is your choice. We love urban fashion, and that is what you will find in our store. T-shirts of Skate, Surf, Hip Hop ... in the end each and every one tries the same, mark your style but urban, the style of the street, young and daring. The men's short sleeve skate shirts are number one, but you also have them with long sleeves, ideal for any time of the year.

Organic or Organic cotton t-shirts

A large part of our surf skate shirts are made with organic cotton, Kimoa wants to bet more and more on a sustainable collection to preserve and care for the environment. Organic or organic cotton is grown without pesticides or artificial fertilizers harmful to the environment and our health. In the cultivation of organic cotton, 90% less water and 60% less energy are used than conventional cotton, so less resources are consumed.

Benefits of Organic Cotton t-shirts

The t-shirts made with organic cotton are softer, natural and breathable. They are hypoallergenic, suitable for any sensitive skin or with allergy problems. Organic cotton fabric is more resistant and durable, since it does not undergo aggressive chemical treatments.

Sustainable and ecological clothing

In Kimoa we make a firm commitment to sustainable and ecological fashion to take care of the environment, and maintain a sustainable planet, without having to give up the quality of the garments.

All our garments are made with organic material and recycled in two types of format or composition:

Recover Earth

Clothing made with yarn obtained from a mixture of recycled cotton recover and virgin organic cotton ensuring comfort and durability.

Recover Blue

Garments made with yarn obtained through a mixture of recycled cotton recover and polyester obtained from recycled PET. These threads are suitable and guarantee comfort, and can be used for all types of clothing.