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Sunglasses Skate Fashion, Surf World Kimoa

In Kimoa we have a wide selection of sunglasses for men and women in several styles: skate, surf, sports ... perfect to wear with your most urban, sporty look, on the beach, city or mountain. Wherever you go, our Kimoa glasses combine perfectly whatever your look, making it special, different and in keeping with your personality. We have them in all colors, and varieties that you can imagine, so you will surely find your Kimoa glasses in our extensive catalog. All of them are of high quality, with polarized lenses and the embossed kimoa logo. Kimoa HDPolarized lenses filter 99% of the glare without producing the lack of sharpness or optical distortion that typically characterizes polarized lenses manufactured with standard techniques, increasing safety, comfort and performance.

Square and round sunglasses

We have your perfect sunglasses, in all styles, colors and shapes: square and round so that they adapt to the shape of your face.

Choose your Kimoa sunglasses

Sunglasses, beyond their protective function, are part of our style and personality. Therefore in our catalog you can find endless colors, shapes, so you can not run out of your Kimoa sunglasses. In Kimoa we support and identify with the most urban trends, so we bet on a StreetWear freestyle with t-shirts, sweaters, skate hoodie...

Sunglasses: urban and sports, Streetwear style

Buy your sunglasses sunglasses if you are a man or woman Skate

Sunglasses are undoubtedly the perfect complement because they protect us from the sun, especially in summer when there are more daylight hours and they become indispensable. Therefore it is very common to have at least one pair for any situation. Our Kimoa sunglasses have a Californian skate style of various shapes, sizes and colors. Some of our models are also perfect for a surfing look, ideal for the beach and summer. They have a great finish and the crystals are of very good quality so that your eye thanks you.

Surf World sunglasses, surfer style

We have an extensive offer of quality sunglasses, also in line with the surfer style, offering design and aesthetics with the best protection and durability.

Round Sunglasses

Round frame sunglasses are the trend of 2019. They will be your companions in your urban marches, nature walks or summer days at the campsite. These types of frames have become popular for their lightness and for favoring many types of faces.

Wide variety of colors to suit each style

A huge range of colors will allow you to select the one that best suits your style. Do not settle for just some lenses to match all your sports or urban outfits. The lenses in color red, yellow, blue and all kinds of colors will be able to combine perfectly with each situation and clothing choice. In Kimoa you can find a range of sunglasses for women and men who are adventurous and who likes to face new challenges intensely and with a lot of passion. In Kimoa we are experts in sunglasses, since we are always at the forefront and our design team investigates the best materials and modern and functional designs.