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Skater Cap, Surf Cap Kimoa

In Kimoa we have a wide selection of caps in various styles: skater, surf, sports, hip hop… in a variety of designs and colors, perfect to use and combine with your most urban and sporty look, on the beach, city or mountain. Wherever you go, our Kimoa caps perfectly match whatever your appearance, making it special, different and in keeping with your personality. We have them in all the colors and varieties you can imagine, so you will surely find your Kimoa cap in our extensive catalog. Many of them go with our Kimoa 3D embroidered front logo, visor, mesh on the back and closure. The fabric is 100% polyester or cotton depending on the model. What makes our collection of caps so special is the original and spectacular combination of colors, and the quality with which they are made, taking care of every last detail.

Skater, Surf cap and Hip Hop cap

The caps, in their various styles, from the most surfer, skaters to hip hop caps, have gone from being a simple necessary complement in some occasions, to being an accessory that says a lot about who wears it, marking their style and personality . A cap gives information about the way of being who wears it, in a subtle way. Therefore, wearing a cap or not, choosing between flat caps, trucker caps, skater caps, surf or hip hop caps is important, when it comes to expressing our way of being want to communicate with our look.

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Caps, beyond their protective function, are part of our style and personality. Therefore in our catalog you can find endless colors and combinations, so you can not run out of your cap, whether skate, surf, hip hop or just according to your style. In Kimoa we support and identify with the most urban trends, so we bet on a StreetWear freestyle with t-shirts, sweaters among other garments.

Caps: urban and sports, Streetwear and Hip Hop style

Buy your Kimoa cap if you are a man or woman Skate

The visor caps are undoubtedly a perfect complement because they protect us from the sun, especially in summer when there are more daylight hours and they become indispensable. Therefore it is very common to have more than one for different occasions and looks to be able to combine perfectly. Our Kimoa sunglasses have a Californian skate style of various shapes, sizes and colors. Some of our models are also perfect for a surfing look, ideal for the beach and summer. They have a great finish and the crystals are of very good quality so that your eye thanks you. In Kimoa we cover a whole range of caps, since we are committed to an urban, informal, casual, skate and surf style, always being very aware of the trends of the moment. We are known for being a lifestyle brand for current men and women, sportsmen, adventurers, who need durable and functional garments that adapt to an exciting lifestyle. On you can also find promotional campaigns such as the Mid season of items that are about to run out because they have been selling at the best price for some time.