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California is all about sun, light and sea. It is surfing, skateboarding and endless days spent with friends.


It is about vibrant and eclectic places like Venice Beach, which is alive with infinite possibilities for trying out new activities like handball, beach volleyball, skate dancing and cycling routes...California is a reflection of everything that gets us moving, which is why it was the perfect place to begin our story. A fantastic cast featuring Fernando Alonso as the star of this story, in which a group of friends spend an unforgettable weekend together surfing – an experience filled with moments destined for perfection.

Legendary surfer Shaun Tomson is also involved in the film, sharing his experience and knowledge of this sport. Thanks to him, the path to this new experience was undoubtedly made easier and more enriching.

Pedro Castro's ( ) production adroitly captures the emotion that one feels upon catching their first wave – that one that keeps you wanting more and that brings everything else along with it.