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Racing Sunglasses

Freshen up your collection of sunglasses with our new Kimoa Racing Sunglasses.  Premium materials like acetate are used in our products and we have replicated designs inspired by the 70's era of Racing. The Kimoa Racing sunglasses offer ideal protection from the sun’s powerful rays and mark your style.

The Vintage Racing Style marks trend

Our racing sunglasses from Kimoa, are without a doubt trend setting, precisely for its retro touch that makes them both different and timeless. The vintage Racing style is alive and well and represents a differentiating fashion that is more current, casual and urban.

The vintage Racing style: remembering the fashion in the races

Fashion and racing gained popularity worldwide with the movie "Le Mans", Steve McQueen 1971, left a mark that has yet to be erased decades later. Thanks to our brand ambassador Fernando Alonso and his achievements in the world of Racing, Kimoa is getting this style not only endure, but that marks a trend at the international level, with a style of timeless fashion, in a line between sport and casual. Nowadays there are communities that revolve around this very different style, largely due to its retro, sporty and urban touch that makes it ideal for any occasion. It is about garments , caps , glasses and accessories and that remind us with their style and design the taste of the most important races like Le Mans. This style has served as inspiration for all kinds of accessories and specifically for our Kimoa racing sunglasses. Our desigsn are sporty that make for a perfect look for any event, with a combination of spectacular colors you will stand out from the rest. Stand out from the rest with our racing sunglasses and set a different and timeless style of which you will never get tired!