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Racing Sweatshirts

Kimoa has the most original racing sweatshirts. Sweatshirts inspired by the Racing world, cars, circuits and great races like Indy Car. Kimoa Racing hoodies and sweatshirts offer ideal protection from the cold and rain. These sweatshirts have a unique style and are available in various models. All are made with the same soft fabric that is both Elastic and breathable. Kimoa Racing is committed to a sustainable collection, our sweatshirts and hoodies are made of organic cotton and recycled PET to preserve and care for the environment. Choose the style that is most comfortable for you or just the one you like the most.

The Racing Style never goes out of style

Kimoa Racing sweatshirts are trend setting, precisely because of their retro touches. These components make them different and timeless. A style that remains alive decades later and undoubtedly represent a unique and differentiating icon of the most current, casual and urban fashion. Kimoa racing sweatshirts have an added value. Organic cotton makes them sustainable garments that are actively preserving the environment. Kimoa is committed to sustainability and care for our ecosystem, this is why we use organic cotton.

Organic Cotton Sweatshirts

All of our Racing sweatshirts are made with Organic Cotton. Kimoa Racing relies on a sustainable collection in order to preserve and care for the environment. Organic cotton is grown without pesticides or artificial fertilizers which are harmful to the environment and our health. Also, organic cotton seeds are not genetically altered. In the cultivation of organic cotton, 90% less water and 60% less energy is consumed than conventional cotton.

Benefits of Organic Cotton garments

The garments and shirts made with organic cotton are softer, more natural, and allow for greater breathability. They are hypoallergenic, suitable for sensitive skin, and combat any associated allergies.