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Descubre nuestra colección de camisetas, sudaderas, jerséis y bañadores Kimoa para chico.

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Skate Hoodies for Men

In KIMOA we have a wide and original selection of skate hoodies for men in a surf line, which makes them different and very current. If you are looking for men's hoodies with casual and urban style, you have arrived at the right place. Our sweatshirts have an unmistakable and original style with a lot of identity to enjoy the adventure and live intense emotions. Men's Skate Hoodies define the style of the person wearing them. The vast majority are made of organic cotton, which makes them very comfortable and pleasant for the specific practice of different daily activities. We have a huge range of Skate and Surfer hoodies for all types of men, who want to dress comfortably, with a casual, urban, and very modern style. In Kimoa we support and identify with the most urban trends, so we bet on a StreetWear freestyle with t-shirts, skate hoodies ...

Sweatshirt for men: every day more in trend

Men's sweatshirts are increasingly in trend, becoming a garment for everyday life.

Skate and Surf Hoodies for Men: comfortable urban fashion for every style

While men's sweatshirts are partially recent, you might be surprised to know that there were related garments throughout the Middle Ages. Cotton Hoodies as we now know them did not begin to be marketed until the thirties of the last century, however, it was in the seventies when they acquired greater success worldwide. The success of hip hop culture in New York City, its use by designers and its appearance in Hollywood films favored the perfect cocktail. Since then they have become an essential basic in any wardrobe. With them you will be able to create a huge plurality of looks, from a sport set combining them with running shoes, to a more alternative look with roll-up jeans.

There is a men's sweatshirt for every occasion

If you are a lover of fashion and trends, or you are a pure skateboarder or you are reinventing yourself, buying a skate hoodie is your choice. We identify urban fashion, and that is what you will find in our store. Sweatshirts of Skate, Surf, Hip Hop ... in the end each and every one tries the same, mark your urban style, the style of the street, young and daring.

Men's sweatshirts

They are undoubtedly one of the top garments of winter. Comfortable, practical that fit any look. In the beginning they were associated with the world of sport, and were used as a garment to avoid being cold. But with the arrival of the trend and urban style fashion its use has been extended in any comfortable and personal look.

Style and colors

This season men's colored Hoodies set the trend. You can combine them with jeans and use them for the most formal looks to go to work. You can also get the most out of them in a casual style. Fashion for men is the art of being dressed according to some stylistic factors both in clothes such as t-shirts, hoodies, shirts, jackets, pants and swimsuits and in accessories such as wallets, belts, lenses, visors, hats and backpacks…. There is a wide variety of styles in trend, the urban and casual style being the most popular among young people. This style is characterized mainly by having a great variety of options without being linked or very extreme and not very flexible styles. The urban style is suitable for all occasions such as concerts, going out with friends, going out for dinner, going to class, going to university, going to work ... Our hoodies for men are unique and different and are made with sustainable materials of the best quality. Kimoa is more than ever aware of how important it is to care for the environment. If what you want is a comfortable, durable and stylish garment, the best place to buy sweatshirts for men is undoubtedly the official online store of Kimoa.

Organic or Organic Cotton Hoodies

A large part of our skate surf hoodies are made with Organic Cotton, Kimoa is increasingly committed to a sustainable collection and preserve the environment. Organic or organic cotton is grown without pesticides or artificial fertilizers harmful to the environment and our health. In the cultivation of organic cotton, 90% less water and 60% less energy are used than conventional cotton, so less resources are consumed.

Sustainable and ecological fashion

In Kimoa we want to bet on sustainable and ecological clothing to preserve the environment, without having to give up the quality of the garments.

All our garments are made of organic materials and recycled in 2 types of compositions:

Recover Earth

Made with natural blend yarn of recycled recycled cotton and organic cotton so as not to lose comfort and durability.

Recover Blue

Garments made with recycled recycled cotton yarn and polyester from recycled PET. These threads are perfect to ensure comfort, and can be applied to all types of garments.