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We are pleased to start the year with a new alliance

Kimoa joins the world of dance hand in hand with Wosap thanks to this new project that every month will fill the firm's social networks with rhythm and great vibes.

Find out more about it.

When was WOSAP founded? Where is the headquarters located?

WOSAP was founded in 2008, with more than 14 years of experience, located in the heart of Madrid at calle Cabestreros, 5.

Who makes up the team or central structure of the company?

The directors of WOSAP are María Ramírez and Alberto López. Later Julio Cendal joined as Manager of the WOSAP University project.

Alberto López, artistically known as Aloga, was born in Seville where he took his first steps in the world of Dance.

Since April 2008, he has her own dance studio in Madrid, WOSAP Dance Studio. He is passionate about seeing his students progress and enjoying dancing. Every day he teaches his students at the University and at his dance center where thousands of people of different levels and from all parts of the world have passed.

Co-director of the WOSAP University project, since 2021, the pioneering unique University Degree in Spain: University Expert in Urban and Modern Dance in collaboration with the Camilo José Cela University.

María Ramírez was born in Seville where she studied dance at different schools in the capital, training in styles such as Hip Hop and Commercial.

In April 2008, María Ramírez opened her dance school in Madrid, WOSAP Dance Studio, with which she has won different dance competitions with her companies Zero and Wosap Crew and in which she teaches Hip Hop and Kpop classes, the first being teacher in Madrid to teach Kpop classes to more than 400 students over a period of 5 years, touring with the artist Lucy Paradise with Los 40 Principales.

Currently, María Ramirez is a choreographer and dancer of the tenor Julio Cendal doing different concerts throughout Spain and, in 2021, she joins with the Camilo José Cela University to grant the first University Degree in Urban and Modern Dance in Spain.

Julio Cendal. Tenor, pianist and graduate in music education teaching at the University of La Salle, Cendal studies piano at the "Padre Antonio Soler" conservatory in San Lorenzo del Escorial, singing, with teacher Ángeles Chamorro and teachers Eduardo Giménez and Carlos Hacar, and psychopedagogy at the Camilo José Cela University.

Currently, he works with the pianist Álvarez Parejo and as a promoter of concerts and musical events.

Likewise, his relationship with dance began at the conservatory during his piano student stage. Later, he joins WOSAP University as a manager. Together with the management team, they carry out a university training for urban and modern dance, University Expert in Urban and Modern Dance, thanks to the collaboration and existing agreement with the Camilo José Cela University, a reference university in Spain.

What is the goal of a dance school like WOSAP?

WOSAP offers more than 50 dance classes between Urban Dance, Modern Dance and Contemporary Dance with national and international professional teachers and active in the Dance sector. We make the school an ideal place to dance in the best environment!

Our goal is to offer quality dance classes with active teachers and an environment where students enjoy and learn every day.

What makes you different from the rest of the dance schools?

In addition to being pioneers in creating the first and only Urban and Modern Dance University Degree in Spain, we are a renowned school with the best atmosphere and quality training. We have a competitive teaching staff with extensive experience, which is involved in the training and professional guidance of the student.

We cover a sector of Dance that currently generates great demand among a young audience that is eager to learn and develop professionally. Televisions, musicals, shows and prestigious events request professional dancers from this sector on a daily basis.

We provide quality to a booming education, with great demand and future projection, adapting to the new professional and work demands.

What kind of training does WOSAP offer?

We have two courses: Professional Training in Urban Dance and University Expert in Urban and Modern Dance.

- Urban Dance Professional Training is a 1-year training course for learning the most outstanding urban styles, acquiring exhaustive technique and putting it into practice. The student will obtain a private degree upon successful completion of the training. Certifying the hours of training and the subjects taught during the course.

- University Expert in Urban and Modern Dance. WOSAP and Camilo José Cela University come together to offer the first title of Urban and Modern Dance. Training born from the synergy of two leading and pioneering entities in the education sector. The duration is 2 years and the student obtains a university degree upon positively completing the training.

What are WOSAP students looking for?

The student who comes to the open classes seeks to enjoy Dance in a healthy and respectful environment with good classmates and teachers.

The student who comes to train seeks to have quality training for his professional future in the world of Dance.

In which projects has WOSAP participated?

We have made dance productions for all kinds of clients: Late Motiv, La Resistencia, Zapeando, el Hormiguero, for Vanesa Martín and Manuel Carrasco, Ana Mena, OBK, Rozalén, Pol Granch collaborating with Sony Music and Warner Music, as well as for events from the Ministry of Education, Taiwan Excellence, Dior, TED, Sfera, Cupra, Ifema, WWF, Pasarela Cibeles, Redken, the 40 Principales, among others.

Likewise, our facilities have been the venue in Madrid for the Red Bull Dance Your Style auditions, a rehearsal place for the Musical Ghost and artists such as Abraham Mateo, Ana Mena, Ana Guerra, Carlos Baute, Alaska, Macaco or Jorge Javier Vázquez.

What does it mean for WOSAP to partner with Kimoa?

WOSAP is a dance school that trains future Urban and Modern Dance professionals thanks to its high standards of training quality.

It is also identified, for capturing and imparting in its students principles and values ​​that will be used to develop a more complete and happy life, based on the search for perfection in what one works on, in the commitment to and for his students and all those who make up the Wosap family, in respect, in work, in sacrifice, in fellowship, in solidarity, in sharing joys and sorrows.

Kimoa is synonymous with prestige, good work, exquisiteness, growth, success, projection, visibility, respect for others and the environment, as its products attest, new opportunities for students, who can live in first person how a brand of this magnitude supports and helps them.

Kimoa is synonymous with unity, which is why it is present in different sports and disciplines, with a taste for a job well done and small details, and like Wosap, in constant growth and search for new challenges and projects that distinguish them from the rest. . It is synonymous with excellence.

Qualities, without a doubt, that make it our best travel companion and ally to continue learning and nourishing ourselves with the best, and thus provide our students with the best experiences and the best tools during their formative stage.

For all these reasons, the union with Kimoa not only excites us, but adds a new member to our family who defends those same ideals, who supports young people, who stands out as an entrepreneur and innovator, highlighting the title of "Expert University in Urban and Modern Dance", the only university degree in Urban and Modern Dance in our country taught by the UCJC and WOSAP:

We are eager to start this journey together.

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