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by Kimoa 20 Dec 2019


Kimoa launches its first sport and technical sunglasses under the concept Kimoa LAB Sunglasses.

It is a model conceived to be polyvalent in many environments and sport disciplines.

Polarized sunglasses to practise sport

Our new sunglasses are perfect to practise all kind of sports and they were designed with a retro-futuristic silhouette. They have ergonomic properties to achieve a better adaptation to the face, making them more comfortable. They were made with the innovative TR90 material, which provides this model a cutting edge lightness and flexibility. There are two versions of this model: one fluorescent yellow and one black. The two of them both with a matte finish. They have screen shaped polarized lenses with features as ventilation slots and slots at the end of the side pieces that offer the possibility of attaching a retainer cord, in case you need to use one.

Several sportsmen and sportswomen try our new sport sunglasses

In this occasion, for the launch campaign of the Kimoa LAB Sunglasses, the “models” we had were all sportsmen and sportswomen that belong to different and diverse sport disciplines.

We had Fernando Alonso, driver, who tried the sunglasses in extreme driving environments during his preparation for the Dakar Rally; the canoeist Pedro Vázquez, who is currently training for the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games; Rubén Martínez, amateur cyclist; or Marta Palomar, who practises running, body core, suspension training and also specific sport techniques for pregnancy and postpartum.

Our sunglasses were conceived to practise all kind of sports: athletic sports, motor sports, mountain related sports or water sports. It just depends on you to go a step further towards your sport challenges and goals.


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