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by Kimoa 14 Jul 2020


The last generation of Kimoa sunglasses, the lightest in the market, are here!

Under the name of Suzuka and Montecarlo, two cities that face the sea in which famous Formula 1 Grand Prix take place, come these three new Kimoa models of sunglasses, made with an innovative material: Carbon.

Carbon, an element used in Formula 1, crosses the borders of the motor world to be part of these new and ultralight Kimoa Carbon glasses with just 12g of weight thanks to its structure that combines carbon, stainless steel and acetate.

With polarized lenses, they show off a laser engraved Kimoa logo on the upper right lens as well as the K, the isotype of Kimoa, on the terminal of both acetate temples.

They also have adjustable nose pads under the bridge to allow greater adaptability on the nose.

The Suzuka model, available in two versions: Mirror, with mirror lenses, or Black, in black smoke, stands out for its more rounded silhouette, completely in line with the trends in sunglasses that we can find on the streets of Japan, thus becoming a must have also for the Japanese fans of the firm and the famous circuit that will always be remembered for the overtaking that Alonso made to Schumacher in the 130R curve on which, later on, you will discover new products from the Kimoa Racing Clothing collection.

Montecarlo model: the name, for being one of the most prestigious circuit in Formula 1 where Alonso has won two times, as well as for being one of the race to win if you want to conquer the Triple Crown, which the pilot aspires to.

Mirror lenses in orange / yellow and its silhouette that would come to remind the line of curves of the Tabac, Louis Chiron and Piscine.

Three new modes that join the already extensive family of Kimoa sunglasses.

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