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This first collection is for those who love changes.

The first time that we experience a new sensation, that moment when you decide to take the leap towards something new or, simply, the adrenaline that races through your body when you stare at the unknown in the face. That willingness to dare makes you free, and that freedom is Kimoa. This first collection is for those who love changes. Those people who, like you, run straight into the unknown. Those who feel free when they step outside their comfort zones and are aware that, this freedom, is about discovering that if you want and believe that you can do something, you can.This first collection is for those who love changes

They might fall off a surfboard, or scrape up their knees downhill longboarding longboarding downhill. But they will always get back up and try again. Because, for those who dare, the ultimate goal is to have fun along the way.

Keeping in tune with the California style, we have created this collection as a way for you to express who you really are. So/Therefore how you look is a reflection of your lifestyle.

At Kimoa you will find clothing and accessories for him and her. For you. For making the most of an afternoon at the beach,

for exploring the city on your own terms,

for traveling with friends,

for going surfing and skatebording.

Experience it, feel it, and leave your fears behind – although you've already got that covered.

Visit and take the dare.


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