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We celebrate Christmas with Valeria and Misha Misha Nsi, protagonists of our campaigns.

One of them is of Italian-German origin and the other of Guinean origin, and they tell us about the surprising traditions that they carry out with family and friends during these special holidays in such diverse locations.

How celebrates Christmas Misha in New Guinea

Misha Nsi, of Guinean ancestry, tells us about how she celebrates Christmas in New Guinea with the traditional dance they usually do at the end of the year. It starts in a house were they disguise with a traditional mask and a costume, together with a fire pot on the head. Afterwards, they go for a walk around the town with the costume singing. They also carry two sticks, wherever they go, and if you see them you have to run away. If you are able to find shelter without being hit by them, that means that you are going to start the new year with the right foot because you have avoided bad luck.

Everyone can take part in this tradition and it takes places from dusk till dawn.

It is celebrated mainly in the capital city, Conakry.

How celebrates Christmas Valeria in Germany

Valeria tells us that she celebrates Christmas with her family in a very different way compared to how it is usually celebrated in Germany. His father is Italian and most of her family lives in Italy, so they celebrate Christmas in Germany but with a limited amount of people. In the morning she prepares with her mother the menu they will serve for dinner. What they will eat depends of what they fancy and each year the menu is different. At night they go together to a mass and when they return home they distribute the presents. However, she says that sharing Christmas with her loved ones is the best gift ever. As a curiosity, some years ago, when her sister and she were young, they would do a short Nativity play or they would play the piano to entertain their family and relatives till dinner time. And you, how do you celebrate Christmas?

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