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by Kimoa 22 Apr 2019


From Kimoa we want to give you some simple infallible tips to find the most suitable.

Sunglasses, beyond their protective function, are part of our style and personality, and although there are many and very diverse theories on how to choose the most favorable: Streetwear glasses for square face

Characteristic for its right angles between the temples and the jaws, if you identify with this square face description, the glasses that can help you most are those that soften the angles thanks to rounded frames like the Cape Town models, available in "red" version combined with grayish tones or blue with blue lenses, both in metal frame. Another perfect option would be the carbon Suzuka, the most suitable in faces with a lot of personality.

Streetwear glasses for round face

If your face corresponds to the rounded shape you have to think about looking for glasses in which the straight lines predominate, in order to generate a visual contrast that adds angles to your features. One of the models that will work best for you is Pasadena Johnson in black and with a retro touch or the already legendary L.A, available in many colors, finishes and combinations

Streetwear glasses for oval face By proportions is one that can afford any type of silhouette in glasses, you just have to pay attention to the size of them. So go ahead and dress up your face with the models that best suit your lifestyle. How about trying some BayronBay for day-to-day life and some Sidney , now available in more sustainable materials, for your most relaxed looks?
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