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by Kimoa 08 Nov 2019


Do you want to step into the new universe that has inspired at a creative level the new collection for this Autumn-Winter 2019-20? Then you can’t miss this KDiaries with all the details about it.

It was inspired by the world of adventure, by the travels looking for the eternal summer, by the breath-taking landscapes and by the friends that are always part of the best plans. The new Autumn-Winter Collection by Kimoa is composed of several creative lines that explore each one of these universes.

New Collection of Sustainable Fashion

It was made with sustainable fabrics thanks to the Recover technology and threads, which enable the transformation of used plastics into a new and ground-breaking fabric that is pleasant to wear, wear and tear and multiple washes resistant, and that offers a wide variety of colours.

A wide variety of tonalities

Regarding the tonalities, the colour of the clothes range from shades of deep blue, which reminisce the seas and the sky, to several tonalities of green like the ones one can see in the Nordic forests or in vast extensions with cacti. There are shades of dark spotted grey, similar to the lava, or shades of a clearer grey like the ones one can find in a pebble beach, and also shades of white that provide a hint of light. And finally, there are irruptions of other colours such as different shades of yellow or maroon.

Lastly, the locations we have chosen to live the present autumn-winter adventure are desert areas with dunes or canyons, high-mountain lush areas, natural parks full of cacti, or just any urban jungle, where we expect see it very soon.

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