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Get on board, because this plane is about to take off.

We are always looking for new destinations, so we travelled with María, one of the protagonists of Kimoa’s autumn-winter campaign, to Sri Lanka, an island where she can carry out all of her hobbies: practising sport, especially water sports, reading, painting or any other art related activity, and, of course, the pleasure of travelling.

Place: Sri Lanka

Location: Indian subcontinent.

How to get there:

By plane… hehehe… besides, it is necessary to take several flights.

What to do:

You can do plenty of things in this island. If you are a foodie, if you love the sea or hiking, or you are keen to know a fascinating unexplored culture for Western people, or even if you want to know people that have nothing but in exchange they give everything to you, this is the place.

Regarding the landscapes, I’d say this island will amaze you due to its pureness, peace and greenery, in comparison with the chaos and the pollution of Western cities. Sri Lanka’s cities, which are not as polluted as India’s, are shockingly noisy and dirty. However this is compensated by its long beaches with perfect waves, and by its endless mountains with huge waterfalls.

Even though, surf isn’t everything. Besides its idyllic beaches I’d like to mention its beautiful and vast tea plantations. Ceylon tea, precisely, which is known worldwide, comes from here.

If you like travelling by train, do not hesitate to jump on the train that covers the Ella Route. This train route crosses through the mountains of the country. If you have the opportunity, I’d suggest you to seat in a wagon with natives, because this way it will be and incredible, hard but exciting, experience.

Where to sleep:

There are plenty of places for all kind of pockets. However, if you are looking for an incredible location where you can find comfort and all kind of services, do not hesitate to visit “DreamSea”, in the South of the island.

It is common to book a hotel room, to rent a house or to share a house with its owners. They will serve you the local breakfast, and if you are lucky enough and you get on well with them, you will be able to experience their culture first hand.

Where to eat:

When I travel I like looking for places that offer traditional food from the country or region I’m visiting. I’m a foodie, so I like to try the typical meals of the places I visit. In Sri Lanka the food is AMAZING, in capital letters. You can find food stalls everywhere with traditional Sri Lanka meals, and in all of them “koturotti” is the best dish you can find. This dish is not fit for the most demanding palates, because it is very spicy. Don’t forget to pair it with the local beer, “Lion”, about which I would like to say that it is fabulous, wicked!

Advice: Don’t plan ahead your trips. If you do it, it is possible they may not meet the expectations you might have set beforehand. The best option is to let yourself go, get lost and find yourself.

Things you must carry with you: Sunscreen, swimsuits and a pair of Kimoa’s sunglasses.

Souvenirs/shopping: Shells and magnets for the fridge. It is typical local stuff that never fails.

My views on Sri Lanka: You feel amazed constantly, especially when you compare it with where you live and how lucky we are in many ways. It is surprising how easy is to wander by yourself or to be surrounded by lots of people, and the great amount of places that there are there where you can do whatever you like.

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