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by Kimoa 05 Aug 2020


Santiago Tulian, protagonist of our last campaign for Kimoa Racing Clothing, reveals his favorite places in Athens and Santorini.

Spanish-Argentine nationality, Santiago (@santiago_tulian) combines his career as a model with that of a real estate consultant while enjoying hobbies as diverse as finances, reading, sports and of course, travel.

This time, he takes us to his two favorite Greek enclaves.

Proposed Place: Athens and Santorini

Location: Greece

How to get there: By plane or boat, although Athens can also be reached by road.

What to do: Athens offers a wide range of options, satisfying all kinds of tourists. We will fall in love with this city visiting the archaeological monuments brimming with history in the very cradle of modern civilization or the beautiful limestone beaches, about 20km from the city center. We will also be able to enjoy Greek cuisine in the picturesque Plaka neighborhood or the lively nightlife of the city. On the contrary, the island of Santorini, or Thera in Greek, is much quieter, being known for the delightful views that its steep slopes will give us, adorned by white buildings and celestial domes. Watching the sunset from the Oía Castle or strolling through its towns will make us understand why the great fame of this Greek island, which will also allow us to enjoy some beaches, monuments, gastronomy and even pubs or discos.

Where to sleep: In both places we will have a wide range of hotels and tourist apartments, both luxurious and affordable, on tighter budgets.

Where to eat: We cannot leave Greece without having tried the typical dishes called "Mousakás" and "Souvlaki", which are a delight that we can find in any local restaurant.

Tips: My advice would be to try to travel in spring or autumn, in this way we would avoid the crowds that occur in the Greek high season, the highest prices and the intense heat of summer.

What you can not miss: A camera, comfortable walking shoes and Kimoa sunglasses.

Souvenirs: We will find everything from small-scale replicas of the most important Greek monuments to typical postcards or fridge magnets.

Impressions: Walking the ancient alleys of Athens and enjoying the landscapes of Santorini do not leave anyone indifferent. It was a trip that I really enjoyed, both for the beauty of both cities and for the people I met in them.

What you like most about Kimoa: Sweatshirts and sunglasses.

Favorite Piece: The Striped Logo Blue sweatshirt or any of the glasses

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