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by Kimoa 27 Jun 2022


Discover the new versions of Kimoa's iconic glasses for 2022

Sunglasses are a perfect partner to provide eye protection throughout the year, especially during the months with the greatest prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays, such as spring and summer, which is why at Kimoa we are launching special collections for these seasons.

This year you will find 22 new options for all styles, types of faces, and activities.


One of our first models was launched by the house in 2017 and each year becomes essential with new finishes and materials.

For this year, highlight the models LA COCONUT MILK, LA X-TAL, LA GOLDEN SUN, LA SEA STORM, and LA VIOLET STORM made of recycled PET, with category 3 polarized lenses, which absorb between 82 and 92% of light. so it is ideal to go to the beach, the mountains, or to be in sunny environments, all with the highest quality standards.


With a new silhouette, narrower and lighter frame, the 10 innovative combinations of bio-acetate frames and polarized lenses will be your perfect complement.

Polarized sunglasses are often recommended for outdoor activities such as driving, fishing, water sports, or snow sports.

Many of the new lenses also have a mirrored finish which is ideal for practicing water sports or being in dazzling environments, since they have a coating on their surface that reflects much of the light, preventing it from reaching your eyes.


With a more sporty style, with a curved silhouette and made of recycled PET, for which an average of two/three bottles are used for each pair of glasses, they stand out for their matte finish as well as for the phrase "wear a story, wear your values" that you will find inside one of its pins.

DAYTONA SUNGLASSES Inspired by the legendary 24-hour race at Daytona, the new version of the glasses were well received in 2019, are made of recycled aluminum, and are the latest material to join the already extensive family of sustainable products used to make all Kimoa elements. For the lenses, the most used sun protection filter colors have been chosen, such as brown, green, blue, or gray, seeking a more classic and urban touch. A wide selection of Kimoa glasses continues to grow.
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