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by Kimoa 19 May 2020


The Sidney sunglasses, after three years as one of the reference models of Kimoa , reinvents itself in terms of design and materials.

With a square front, similar to the original model, new features have been introduced in the current design, such as the new temple silhouette with a more accentuated urban touch, as well as the size of the logo in low-relief on each of the temples.

This new version is available in three different color combinations: we can choose between the Whitsundays* model in white frame and green lenses in honor of the islands that bears its name, located on the Queensland coast; another option is to choose a translucent frame and blue lenses under the name of Deep Blue, given that Australia is a continent surrounded by oceans of intense blue color; lastly , a black frame with orange-gold mirrored lenses called Sunrise* because of the color of the lens, reminiscent of the unforgettable sunrises that can be enjoyed in Sydney Harbor Bridge.

But the most notable and innovative thing is the material in which these new Sidney are manufactured. It is bio-acetate, an equally resistant and aesthetic material with gloss finishes, which has varied in its formulation since oil derivatives are not used together with the original cotton, but only organic additives are added to transform this cellulose into a new material making this launch the first 100% sustainable sunglasses of Kimoa.

Thanks to its components of bio origin and a biodegradable future, since they can be composted, we can ensure that in the new Kimoa sunglasses the wheel of sustainability has became a reality.

A new Sidney sunglasses that will penetrate very quickly among those who are looking for a unique style and above all continue to take care of the environment.

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