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by Kimoa 04 Sep 2020


Fernando Alonso returns to the top of the world motorsport, Formula 1, by the hand of the team with which he won two world championships in this discipline, Renault. To celebrate, Kimoa launches a special edition cap made with recycled material.

Inspired by the French team and its current colors worn by both the car and the “team kit”: yellow, white and black, the new Kimoa cap comes full of details to highlight.

With a curved silhouette, we discover on the front the Kimoa logo embroidered in 3D on a background printed in relief with the Renault logo. On the bill the number 14, always representative of Alonso throughout his sporting career, as well as the pilot's signature on the underbill.

On the side panels the colors black and white have been alternated with yellow, in order to create a double set in each profile where the Renault DP World F1 Team logo is printed in contrast.

The back is characterized by its velcro closure and the Kimoa label, in yellow, in tone with the set.

There is no shortage of a small tribute to the origin of the French motorsport company through the country's flag, this time embroidered in three stitches: blue, white and red. A thin and elegant reinterpretation that makes this cap, together with all the elements described above, a recapitulation of the three merged universes: Renault, Fernando Alonso and Kimoa, that is sure to be the delight of fans.

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