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by Kimoa 05 Nov 2020


Do you feel like being to the top of a mountain? Then you can´t miss the new Kimoa Goggles LAB.

The latest entry to the Kimoa LAB Generation family are called Kimoa Google LAB and they are sunglasses made of eco-friendly materials with a technical screen with a curved lens for a perfect field of vision and UV400 protection, ventilation ducts in the frame to repel moisture, achieving a perfect fit on the face, elastic strap that adapts to you or your helmet and the novelty of being able to exchange the front screen thanks to its system of magnets.

Ski sunglasses with professional qualities that will be the perfect complement to long days of snow for all those looking for innovative products with the highest technical performance.

Last but not least, at Kimoa we like to take care of every detail, taking responsibility for the planet and the environment as a premise.

Something that is reflected in the elements that make up each design, such as in this case the frame made of recycled TPU material, which can also be biodegradable or recyclable, and also the accessories that accompany each of the Kimoa Goggle LABs being made both packaging and the protective microbag in recycled materials.

Kimoa Goggle LAB when design, technical avant-garde and sustainability come together to be your perfect companions on the mountain.

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