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by Kimoa 22 Nov 2019


Do you want to discover with us how it was the making-of of this important article and cover?

GQ Spain magazine, the most important male press magazine in terms of actuality, fashion and lifestyle, celebrates its 25th anniversary in the market. And to celebrate this milestone, the issue of November will have a spectacular cover and article on the inside pages in which Fernando Alonso will be the protagonist.

Making of the Fernando Alonso interview by GQ

The photo shoot and the interview both took place on September, 25th, in the surroundings of the Fernando Alonso Museum and Circuit, in Asturias. The outcome of this can be found in the kiosks until November, 21st. It took place on a sunny and intense morning and both the Asturian weather and the busy agenda of Fernando Alonso made possible to gather an excellent team to enable the creation of these exceptional article and cover.

Fernando Alonso wears Kimoa

The photographer was Adrià Cañameras, who is a regular in the most prestigious media of the country and the man who shoot the covers featured by Karim Benzema or Justin O’Shea. The art director was Juan Luis Ascanio and the editor Héctor Izquierdo, one of the most attractive writers actually. With the production crew and in the surroundings of the Circuit, we could see Fernando Alonso wearing the latest fashion trends combined with the ideas and accessories created by Kimoa for this autumn-winter, while he talked about his past, present and future career. And now you can read all he unravelled in one of his most complete and interesting interviews.

If you haven’t visited your nearest kiosk yet, hurry up! This is your last chance.
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