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by Kimoa 06 Jun 2019


Have you ever heard about Couple Twinning? It means to dress the same look

COUPLE TWINNING with Kimoa Youth Sunglasses Imported from Korea, where it causes furor, has arrived to become the coolest way to dress the same look. Do you dare to try it?

Surely you remember when during your childhood your parents insisted, despite reticence, to dress you identically to your brothers. Or, when you were a teenager, you loved to wear in a clone way with your best friend. Well, after the years the tren returns, in addition, crossing generational or gender borders sharing aesthetics with your partner or your children.

Dressing like your couple, the new trend

Many popular couples such as the influencer Chiara Ferragni and her husband the singer Fedez, Shakira and Piqué or the actress Ariel Winter with her boyfriend have already put into practice the twinning, wearing identical looks both in events and in their day to day.

Tiwinning trend between parents and children

But, undoubtedly, the side that we liked the most was the parents and children who share aesthetics wearing the same garments and accessories, this time, in a small version as they do the new protagonists of the last campaign of Kimoa Youth and its sunglasses.

A new collection that opens with four references of the L.A. glasses model, an authentic classic of the brand, under the name of Youth Sunnies and available in the Sunset finishes, made of deep blue matt acetate, Youth Lollipop, in bicolor acetate combining black with red profiles and red mirror lenses, Youth Alarm, in fluorine yellow with polarized lenses and Youth Blue Sky, with transparent frame in sky blue.

With Kimoa Youth no little one in the house will be able to resist looking like the older ones.

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