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Discover the main location of our SS23 campaign.

Ufo Garage is the result of many years of work and experience on the part of Efraon Triana, as well as the applied vision of the space expected when going to a workshop where motorcycles are transformed in a unique and exclusive way for each client.

The craftsmanship they do at Ufo Garage, in the words of its creator, has a romantic component. On the one hand, to achieve the final vehicle that each client is looking for, and on the other, due to the fact of working on a customized product of which no commercial versions are made.

Cafe Racer motorcycles that are created through all this information shared in a mood board of inspiration, which later go on to be drawn and from there to be worked on in situ in the workshop itself to finally roll on the asphalt being considered, by specialists in the sector, as the best.

A genuine space and unique motorcycles that this season Kimoa has had the opportunity to photograph with Adrián Madrid and Itziar Jiménez to present the new SS23 capsule of t-shirts and caps.

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