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Although current circumstances do not allow us to travel as much as we want, our Braver Rubén Correa, a true globetrotter, brings us closer to Panama. Are you coming?

Rubén, or @planeta_correa as he is known on Instagram, likes to lead an active life related to everything that generates positive emotions, whether it is within his professional field as an Engineer or in his free time where without being an expert in any sport he mainly practices cycling, stand-up paddle, skiing and surfing as these disciplines connect him with nature and in turn allow him to travel to authentic paradises like the one that brings us to KDiaries today.

Proposed location: Pearl Island

Location: Panama, Pacific Ocean

How to get there: You have to take a ferry in Panama City that takes approximately 3 hours, which in addition to transporting tourists and adventurers also brings food and residents to the islands. During the trip you can observe how the impressive skyline of Panama City disappears in the horizon. You also come across large merchant ships leaving or entering the Panama Canal. There comes a time where for two hours you only see water, and although the sea seems like a redundancy of waves there is always a frigate or a pelican flying in a circle that tells you where a school of fish is. You can see flying fish, dolphins and even whales in the season from July to October. An exciting journey.

If you want to arrive in 20 'and enjoy a wonderful bird's eye view, you can also go by plane from the Albrook Airport in Panama City. The landing is amazing since the runway, located on Contadora Island, crosses it completely, leaving little margin of error to the pilot.

Ferries arrive at Contador Island, but the archipelago also has the islands of Saboga, Bayoneta, Pacheca, Mogo Mogo, Gibraleón, Casayeta, Casaya, La Mina, Galera, Viveros, Cañas and San Telmo.

What to do: Enjoy!! There are paradisiacal beaches with white sand and crystal-clear waters adapted for tourism, although there are also totally virgin ones. You can discover the biodiversity of the islands, do SUP, Kayak, snorkel, or dive. In whale season, you can rent a boat to go whale watching or just dive into the water on the beach and listen to the high-pitched sounds that they use to communicate. You can fish, go into the jungle, or even discover the small island towns and connect with wonderful people from whom you can learn a lot.

You can also rent a golf buggy and go to a unique place. It is a hotel complex with its own abandoned ferry on the beach that once hosted the planet's "jet set" and that today has been looted and is collapsing.

Where to sleep: Contador Island is the right place to sleep in a hotel, but the most tempting thing when you are in this adventurous place is to dare to spend the night on a beach or on an island further away from the populated areas. You will always find boatmen willing to take you from one point to another between the islands.

Where to eat: on Contador Island there are several restaurants where you can taste a good rice with coconut, patacones (fried plantain) and fresh fish: corvina, red snapper, white snapper ... and then there are the virgin places where your survival instinct must prevail above all to climb a palm tree for a coconut, reach a papaya, find a good mango or catch your own food.

Tips: Never go alone and always ask and keep in contact with local people like the boatmen who take you from one place to another, so they know where you are.

What cannot be missing in your suitcase: In my suitcase, survivor mode, a bottle of water, sunscreen, a lighter, a razor and my Kimoa cap are never missing.

Souvenirs / shopping: Memories and unforgettable photographs of a spectacular place with a lot of history.

Impressions about the place: It is a paradisiacal place and relatively difficult to access, so it is ideal to completely isolate yourself from the maelstrom of everyday life. Finding yourself or your friends in a place where survival mode is activated and you have that feeling, for those of us who like challenges, that there is no turning back.

What do you like the most about Kimoa: Kimoa is a brand that has fascinated me from the moment it emerged. Not only because of the quality of the products and their designs that perfectly adapt to my lifestyle, but also because it allows me to wear values ​​that I share, such as sustainability and the #NeverSurrender spirit.

Your favourite Kimoa piece: My favourite clothes are the Streaky T-shirt, the KIMOA PICTON cap and the Kimoa Sydney Whitsundays sunglasses. I generally wear Kimoa T-shirts, caps and sweatshirts in relaxed settings, at the beach, when going out with friends or when traveling to new places.

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