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Borja, an architect by profession and Kimoa Braver at heart, takes us to the Mentawai Islands.

The Mentawai Islands, located in Indonesia, is the paradise to which @Borjantc takes us, passionate about his profession but also about sports, fashion, photography, reading and traveling, which must never be missing.

Location: Mentawai Islands

How to get there: Flight from Spain to Jakarta (Indonesia), hence a flight to Padang (Sumatra Island). Once in that city you must take a ferry (it takes the whole night) or speedboat (around 4 hours) that will take you to any of the islands you want to visit.

What I usually do is take a boat with several friends, including a cook, a captain, a photographer, etc. Which takes us through the different islands and surf spots (because there are quite a few), depending on the wave forecasts of the day.

What to do: Surf and more surf. Although not to be so radical, you can do any possible activity on islands lost in the middle of nowhere. Snorkeling, diving, paddle surfing, relaxing in totally virgin beaches, etc. For people who do not surf, it is a perfect destination to disconnect from reality. The only two attractions you can have on a tourist level is the "Siberut National Park" and meet the Mentawai tribe.

Where to sleep: I have always chosen the option of a charter boat, with all the comforts. In any case, being so far from civilization the accommodations are not too cheap, but usually include all meals, transportation, etc.

Where to eat: In your hotel or in a boat, here there are not even the typical warungs (local restaurants), which exist in the rest of Indonesia. Known in Bali for being the cheapest option and for the delicious local food.

Tips: Relax, disconnect, and enjoy. There is usually no internet connection and in case you find one, it is from the ISDN era.

Very important, sun protection and mosquitoes.

What cannot be missing in your suitcase: The surfboard, a swimsuit, a camera and my Kimoa cap 😊

Souvenirs / shopping: Little variety of souvenirs, but why not take a coconut ...

Although it must be said that there are local people who used to make wood crafts, especially in nearby areas where there are waves. They know that people who come to catch waves always want to carry a wooden surfboard with different motifs representative of the area and of surfing.

Impressions about the place: I have travelled to many places in the world and have travelled to many places looking for waves and places to surf. I think I can say without any doubt that here you can find the most perfect waves in the world and that nowhere else you can disconnect in this way.

What do you like the most about Kimoa: Sincerely, the good vibes and the spirit that the brand breathes.

Your favourite Kimoa piece: It has little to do with destiny, but I love the cycling sunglasses.

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