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by Kimoa 30 Mar 2017


The following is a review of the best beaches to start loving one of the sports that best represents Kimoa

The following is a review of the best beaches to start loving one of the sports that best represents Kimoa. Are you ready for your first take off?

Sometimes, surfing in Coolangatta can be too much. For those first few times out on your board, open beaches where you can calmly catch some waves are the best option for inexperienced surfers.

Waikiki Beach (Hawaii, USA)

Waikiki's soft, undulating waves are ideal for beginners, offering a tranquil environment where you can take a surf class at any of the many area schools.

Kuta Beach (Bali, Indonesia)

The climate and waves of this beach paradise make it a great place to practice this sport. In fact, we recommend starting by riding some of Kuta’s midday waves.

Byron Bay Beach (Australia)

Byron Bay is located at the most easterly point of Australia. In addition to its warm water year-round, you can ride all kinds of waves here. This is why this place brings together both professional and amateur surfers from near and far.

Inch Marlow Beach (Barbados)

Learn to ride the waves surrounded by sea turtles? That is what Inch Marlowe’s surf spot on the south coast of Barbados offers. This area has waves of around one meter, perfect for inexperienced surfers.

Razo Beach (Galicia)

Northern Spain also boasts corners that are perfect for getting started in the world of surfing. Razo’s beach has very reasonable waves for all levels of expertise, and a very easy to surf break, which makes it a perfect place to learn.

Source: Surfin

After this tour of the best beaches in the world for beginning surfers, just remember that no surfer can stand on the board on his or her first cut back ;)


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