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by Kimoa 07 Feb 2020


Do you want to know about our latest proyect, Kimoa Acoustik, which revolves around music?

In Kimoa we love music, since the very beginning of the company we’ve been present in music festivals like the ones organised by Wegow, and we also have had music idols like David Bisbal and Raquel del Rosario wearing our clothing items and accessories.

Community of musicians Kimoa Acoustik

We are creating a community of musicians, singers and composers through Kimoa Acoustik because we wanted to share with you, together with them, our passion. In order to do this, our aim was to offer a platform through which everyone can enjoy their talent and songs, in this occasion performing an unplugged or acoustic version of their songs.

Our first protagonist was Marta Andrés, who was born in Valladolid (Spain), and she delighted us with the song “Hasta el día siguiente”. For the second video we had Mon Vázqued performing “Abril”. And for this third video we had Arena Jaära performing “Como el mar”, which now can be seen and listened to on our Youtube channel.

During the lockdown period we could enjoy Kimoa Acoustik thanks to the live ofered by Eguala, David Castro, Judith Mateo and Chuse Joven or Zuko Nature and the videos recorded by K!ngdom Band or Feroe.

If you want to be part of the Kimoa Acoustik community, we are waiting for you.

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