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From a circuit overlooking the sea to the 24h at Daytona.

We like something in Kimoa: the beach and the sea and the motorsport in USA was also born on an impressive compact sandy beach 115 years ago. In 1904 on January 27th, a 90-horsepower Mercedes reached a speed of 92.30 miles per hour in 39 seconds. At the wheel, William K. Vanderbilt, an authentic inspiration for the spirit and the way of doing things in Kimoa: start in a territory, in which you are not an expert to settle the bases of what today is considered a legendary circuit. We pretty sure that driving to the maximum of a car's capacities right to the main line, next to the sea and arriving at a curve of 180 degrees, had to be one of the most exciting experiences that can be lived on a machine. Pure emotion. In the same beach circuit in Florida, many cars competitions were held afterwards: from Nascar races in the 50s to the speed records of Malcolm Campbell, a pilot and a journalist who won at that time at least five times in the Daytona sands. In 1962 everything changed. The beach was transformed into an asphalt track a few blocks from the sea. That year the first edition of the 3 hours of Daytona was celebrated. Guido Lollobrigida, cousin of the well-known Italian actress Gina, took part, driving a Maserati. Guido was also an actor with a broad filmography especially in the spaghetti-western genre. In 1966 the 24 Hours of Daytona took part for the first time. A test of resistance of sport prototypes and great tourisms.53 years later, our ambassador Fernando Alonso begins the season on this American track. Fernando will run in the Wayne Taylor Racing team riding a prototype Cadillac 6.2L V8. It premiered last year on this track and he told us this: "The angle is even bigger than the one in Indianapolis. It was quite impressive, a feeling similar to Indianapolis, coming to a huge speedway for the first time and seeing all the bleachers, the facilities, the size of everything. This is very big, and it gives you the feeling that you are in a race that is unique” There is nothing left but getting into the car and the let the spirit #neversurrender be. We really like cities next to the sea and nothing reflects that character better than the race on Saturday 26 at Daytona. There is not much more to wait, the time has come: the longest day and night of motorsport. Come on Fernando!

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