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Kimoa launches the official cap of the pilot Alex Palou that he will wear during the 2021 season of the IndyCar Series.

Alex Palou, of Catalan origin, started in motorsport when his family gave him a second-hand kart for his fifth birthday. Previously, no member of the family had dedicated himself to this sport, but very close to the family home and the school where Alex studied there is a small go-kart circuit that aroused in him some interest in this sport.

It was at the age of 7 that Palou was presented with the possibility of participating in some regional competitions with the sole objective of having fun. Gradually his hobby and thirst for competition grew, to the point of being able to spend 10 years in karting competing at an international level, until in 2014 Campos Racing gave him the opportunity to make the leap to single-seaters.

Before his immersion in INDYCAR he was racing in Europe and Japan.

In 2020 he participated in the Indianapolis 500 with Fernando Alonso.

From that meeting and the good connection between the two, Alex, Fernando and Kimoa closed a collaboration that has brought us to be present at INDYCAR 2021 with Alex Palou's personal cap.

A collaboration that makes the pilot especially excited to be part of the ever-growing Kimoa family “whose basis is sustainability without neglecting design and quality”, in Alex's own words.

To work on the design and shape the first official Alex Palou cap, the Kimoa team shared some elements such as the Chip Ganassi Racing team colours, along with his usual number and the personal logo in the shape of a gorilla.

Alex likes to highlight from the final proposal the different components that we find both in the 3D embroidery and the small details that are inside the cap or under the bill.

A cap that will accompany you during this 2021 with the aim of winning fighting alongside the INDYCAR 2020 champion team of which Alex is part and that can now be yours.

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